The Session was successfully completed on 18th May; 2020 at 12:30 pm. Over 200 participants took part and engaged in a meaningful discussion with the panel and thus had their queries answered. If you missed the session, got to know about its availability later or would want to access the recording anyway,

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Cloud Chat- Mahesh Kunumury

Having a startup has never been as tough as it has become in recent times. There is just so much competition and almost everyone is one-upping the other. Despite having the best minds at work, the success rate for startups remains dismally low! The same gets even less when we talk about social enterprises. The missions of sustainability, waste management, climate responsiveness, slum development, women empowerment or environmental conservation are noble and do seem fancy of course but getting the funding and the right resources to make the enterprise successful is where the actual challenge lies.

Your Gains from the Session

Started under BuzzOnEarth’s flagship event, Cloud Chats- “Succeeding as a Social Entrepreneur”, is specifically aimed at helping new-age social entrepreneurs get a better understanding of not just the existing competitive landscape but also the multiple ways to surmount the challenges. Simply put, a social entrepreneur will gain the following from the session:

  1. Visibility on how the Social Entrepreneurship space is shaping.
  2. What lies ahead, given the COVID-19 setback?
  3. Identifying attractive areas to focus on.
  4. How does one onboard investor(s) for the firm?
  5. Onboarding and attracting strong talent.
  6. Developing effective Operating modules
  7. Setting long- and short-term goals?

And a lot more, all of which will amount to making your enterprise a successful one?

Knowing Your Host and Guest

The credibility of any event depends on the credibility of the people who are a part of it. We have for you, two important and well-known names (also investors) in the domain.

Host-Mahesh Krishnamurti

Makesh Krishnamurty

Mahesh is an Independent Director at Yes Bank and an active Impact advisor and investor. He inspires and helps Fortune 100/1000, Mid-size, and Start-up teams stay focused on goals and implement solutions by “connecting the dots” and getting to “root cause”.

The firms he has advised include Unilever, Goldman Sachs, Aditya Birla Group, GE, Credit Suisse, Diageo, American Express, and other Technology and Social Impact startups needing guidance and leadership.

A graduate of the London School of Economics, Mahesh has done his MBA from Leonard Stern School of Business, New York University.


Guest-Mahesh Kanumury

Mahesh Kanumury

Mahesh is the Managing Director of Aravali Partners where he provides advisory and investment services to for-profit social enterprises – companies that can create scalably ($1B+) & sustainable impact on the environment or the lives of the poor (1M+).

Some of the areas he has been involved with include financial inclusion, microfinance and livelihood promotion, nano nutrients for agriculture, water treatment, agricultural cooperatives, storage for solar, bio-fuel plantations in arid lands, on-demand hydrogen, digital health services, and affordable housing.

Mahesh has an MBA from Harvard Business School, an MS from Purdue University and a BS from the Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai.

Who Would Benefit?

While it does look like social entrepreneurship specific but isn’t the baseline and approach similar for all the entrepreneurs. After all, how to set priorities and get the work done is crucial to the success of any enterprise. So, keeping that in mind, if you are one of the following, you should probably not miss this event at all:

who will benefit

What Next?

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