Leonard and Sharon Wojno practice sustainability and wellness in their daily lives- Vegetarian and user of alternative nutritional therapies, and user of alternative house products. Sharon holds medical and nutritional certificate along with Masters of Science in Remedial Reading and Special education. She is operator of quantum mechanics health devices and advocates mystical practices. Leonard graduated from Stony Brook University in New York and took postgraduate courses at Radford University in Virginia. For the last decade he worked as a homebound school teacher for Rocky Mount Public Schools.

There are a few more things that I would like to add about the chemicals that are used in the refining of sugar.

Phosphoric Acid can be detrimental to the environment, acidifying soil and water. The Australian government says it can be toxic to fish, which needs a degree of alkalinity in water. It ignites at 30℃ in moist air, meaning it is dangerous for miners and extremely toxic even in small quantities. Direct exposure to Phosphoric acid can cause severe skin burns and eye damage. Does something as dangerous as this have to be used in sugar? Why not leave sugar unrefined and brown in colour? Phosphorous is naturally found in many foods. However, it is added to so many foods: such as soda, baking powder, baking goods, cereal, vegetable oil, processed foods, etc, that humanity is most likely to be overexposed.  Too much of it can decrease the body’s ability to metabolise other minerals such as iron, zinc and magnesium.

Polystyrene which is Styrofoam is harmful to people engaged in its production. It’s a toxic liquid and solid waste from production that requires proper disposal. Hydrofluorocarbons are used as a blowing agent in its production, they greatly add to the greenhouse effect. Polystyrene lasts forever and can be found along waterways and coastlines. Polystyrene is one of the major contributors to marine pollution. Fifty-seven chemical by-products are released during its production. It is an air pollutant. Do I need this just to make my sugar white?

Polyacrylic acid contributes to smog and can be deadly to animal life. It inhibits plant growth. It mostly ends up in the water where it has a short life span and is biodegradable.

Calcium hydroxide is very dangerous to produce; requires a lot of energy to create, and it is bad for soil microorganisms. Its dust is harmful and must be monitored during mining and processing. There are two grades of it and exposure to industrial grade can be deadly. Some of the drawbacks of its production not mentioned earlier are burning sensations in the mouth, abdominal pain, gastrointestinal distress, bloody stool, falling blood pressure, loss of consciousness and upper respiratory tract distress requiring employees to wear masks. It is used in sewage treatment, paper production. In construction, it is used in cement, mortar and plastic, and is a paving material.  It is used in factories to neutralize nitrogen and sulphur oxides and in scrubbers to eliminate carbon dioxide. It is largely used to neutralize acidity in the soil. It is a corrosive substance and can be harmful to the environment if spilled. If there is excess lime other nutrients can’t be utilized such as manganese, copper, zinc, and phosphorus. If it is harmful to people who are involved in its production and it not being environmentally safe, then why use it in sugar refining, even if it is listed as “generally safe.”


Sugar cane fields are burned after harvesting. This kills the animal life that inhabits these fields. Leopards that live in the sugar fields are agitated by the burning and have been known to attack humans during burning.  Also, their cubs have been known to be burned and killed too at that time.  We must find a way to alert the leopards peacefully and assure their cubs are safe.  I pray that a way can be found.


Since molasses, the mineral part of sugar is eliminated in the processing and the amino acids are eliminated in the processing, white refined sugar has no nutritional value.  I would like to relate some studies that pertain to refined white sugar and its negative side effects when consumed in the human body.

Some Interesting Facts About Consumers of White Refined Sugar:

The UDSA states that people who consume mostly white refined sugar are deficient in A, C, B12, and calcium. White sugar consumption in India ranks second in the world next to China.  According to the IDF In 2011, there were 1.3 million Indians with Diabetes. They put white refined sugar in milk, cereals, sweets, processed foods, sodas, etc. According to Friedman white refined sugars can be as addictive as cocaine. It causes the brain to react in the same way as cocaine addiction.  “Too much sugar can even alter the mind and cause a strong association with violence.” Friedman says, “Twinkie Defence” has been argued in many court cases as being the cause of ‘diminished mental capacity’ [sugar has] been blamed for violent crimes. People who consume excess sugar are at a 56% higher risk for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. A 2017 UK study proved a link between High sugar consumption and progressive dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease. Saya Obayan, a clinical dermatologist says white sugar causes inflammation in the body that later affects the skin.

If Your Diet Is Heavy In White Refined Sugar You Open Yourself Up To The Risk Of All The Following:

Chromium deficiency Weakened immune system
Obesity Tooth decay and gum disease
Type 2 diabetes Glucose levels are uncontrollable
Increase stress Cardiovascular disease
Cognitive dysfunction Cancer
Depression ADHD
Drained energy DNA Telomeres are shorten
Premature cellular aging Anxiety


Only 100 grams daily! This is supposed to include fruits, vegetables and processed foods.  According to the American Health Association, only 37.5 grams are supposed to come from added sugars daily for males and 25 grams for females daily.

Let’s look at what some foods contain.

1 glass of cola = 40g Yoplait thick yogurt = 28g
1 slice white bread = 2g Quaker instant oatmeal – 1 roll = 13g
1 slice brown bread = 1g 1 cup Mott’s apple sauce = 22g
Large flavored coffee = 106g 1 pop tart chocolate = 20g
1 cup baked beans = 20g 1 glass chocolate milk = 8g
1 Hershey kiss = 4g 1 cup of tea = 15g



The answer is YES! From the age of birth through 8 years I lived on white bread, candy, and caviar. I failed kindergarten through 3rd grade because I could not concentrate or sit still and was always sick. I had severe dyslexia, was a super hyperactive child, and had a man’s strength. Doctors couldn’t wait until my mother got me out of their office. Did I grow out of it, No! Was I put on Ritalin? No! An endocrinologist STOPPED ALL REFINED WHITE SUGAR, changed my diet and gave injections of B vitamins, etc.  I changed within hours. I never failed a grade after this, my grades increased steadily since grade school, and I was no longer ill.  Today, I abstain from white refined sugars, white rice, cake, candy, and soda. If I feel a desire for a sweet I go for almonds, peanuts, or some other type of protein.

My next article is on describing the hidden names of white refined sugars and alternatives.