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Over the years, Swedish companies have earned the title of being the most sustainable organizations in the world. Looking ahead, Sweden is now focusing on Indian market to create a positive impact and find solutions to one of the most pressing issues in the country – the water crisis.

A large Swedish furniture retailer aims to collaborate with companies, researchers and entrepreneurs in India to increase water efficiency for retail in the country. This initiative by IKEA falls in line with the India-Sweden joint declaration on Innovation Partnership for a Sustainable Future.

Moreover, IKEA is also planning to build its upcoming stores in India with sustainable designs and highly efficient next-generation systems. The Swedish organization is planning to seek collaboration for its store in Bengaluru city with a potential of a national roll-out in future stores.

Bengaluru is one of the world’s major cities which is currently witnessing a water scarcity. It is estimated that the city is on the verge of an imminent acute water crisis. Bengaluru has also witnessed a sharp decline in the number of its water bodies. The continuous growth of the city has put pressure on its water resources.

IKEA is well aware of the challenges the city faces and aims to revert the crisis by finding sustainable solutions through innovation, creativity and technology that can be commercialized into products. And what better way to do it than teaming up with local researchers and entrepreneurs who are already working in the field of water management.

IKEA is the world’s largest furniture retailer and has opened its first store in India in Hyderabad in August 2018. The company aims to open an additional 24 stores in the country until 2025.

Clean and Lean Water Challenge

The challenge is coordinated by The Swedish Trade and Invest Council, in collaboration with ATAL Innovation Mission – Niti Aayog and Agnii. Interested candidates can apply till 22nd  January 2019.

This challenge is open to technology providers with expertise in the following areas (store and households):

1.Water efficiency and monitoring in restrooms/bathrooms

2.Water efficiency and monitoring in commercial kitchen and households

3.Water efficiency in cooling tower

4.Optimization of rainwater harvesting

The selected applicants will be invited to present their ideas at an India-Sweden workshop on water efficiency and may have an opportunity to be offered support in commercializing their solution. They may also have the opportunity to become a supplier or commercial partner locally and globally, as well supported in the application of market-oriented R&D funding. If you are up for the challenge, click here to apply.

Image credits- BioVoice