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On Wednesday, Sweden accomplished something which all environmentalist would love to hear. The country inaugurated the first road that can recharge car batteries and commercial vehicles while they are on the ride.

The traditional vehicle which uses fuel causes pollutants which affect the environment with a long-term problem. The fuel vehicle drains a wide variety of gases and solid matter, causing global warming harming the environment and human health. Though the concept of electric vehicle is being introduced and becoming popular across the world. One factor which is slowing the adoption is the recharging of the batteries. Most electric vehicles available today can travel between 50 miles to 200 miles on a single charge depending on the brand and model. But the worrying fact is that the charging stations are still few and forces passengers to use the vehicle only for short distance purposes.

The eRoadArlanda project launched by Sweden to charge the electric vehicle on the go is a classic step to increase the adoption of electric vehicles. The 2 Kilometre road stretch is provided with an electric rail outside the Arlanda Airport.

The charging road consists of an electrified rail which supplies energy to a movable arm attached underneath to the vehicle. The beauty of the invention is that it is automatic. When the vehicle is on halt the power is not transmitted and energy is transferred only when a vehicle drives on the road.

The administrators claim that the electrified road can play a larger role in cutting fossil fuel emissions by 80% to 90%. Providing cost savings to both government and transporters because the invention requires less operating cost and electricity is cheaper than diesel.

The eRoadArlanda project is one of the steps towards achieving the Sweden Government goal of fossil fuel-free transportation infrastructure by 2030 and is funded by the Swedish Transport Administration.

Image Source: eRoadArlanda


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