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India is one of the most polluted countries in the world. Around 1.2 Million people die in the country every year due to health effects caused by air pollution. With the world recognizing the importance of minimizing air pollution and have steadied the impact in recent years. India is still struggling with detrimental health possessions due to polluted air in major cities and towns. According to State Pollution Control Board report, almost 168 cities in India the air pollution rates are far high than quality standards prescribed by the World Health Organization (WHO).
To solve India’s air pollution problem and in fact the worlds problem, a dedicated research from the University of Leuven, Belgium has raised. The researchers in this university as invented a technology that cleans the polluted air. In addition, the most significant aspect of this invention is that besides purifying air, the technology also generates power.
The technology is under various modes of experimentation and will be implemented in large scale soon. The device invented by Professor Sammy Verbruggen and his team uses simple nanomaterials where one side the polluted air is purified and the other side hydrogen gas is generated. The only energy source this device use is the sunlight making it sustainable.
“We are currently working on a scale of only a few square centimeters. At a later stage, we would like to scale up our technology to make the process industrially applicable. We are also working on improving our materials so we can use sunlight more efficiently to trigger the reactions says “Professor Sammy Verbruggen (UAntwerp/KU Leuven)
Large-scale deployment and commercialization of this technology in the future is set to solve the pollution concerns of the universe vanishing the health concerns completely.
Photo Source: KU Leuven