The Guide for a Smart Sustainable Wanderlust!

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If you have to list out one major trend that the world today or more so the relatively younger generation is following, it has to be wanderlust! A simple hashtag search and you will see innumerable posts on any of the social media platforms.

Whether this “wanderlust” is the product of the increased pocket size of the individuals or whether it is because of peer pressure is something that we will not be discussing in this blog.

However, we will definitely discuss the impact of this alleged will to see the world. While there is no doubt that it has boosted the world economies and helped provide income to multiple households, something about this travel bug needs attention.

Of course, we are not going to talk about it in an all gloomy and complaining manner but we will definitely touch the points where a bit of caution can save the environment from tonnes of damage. Rather, we will look at all these points from a very positive angle. As in the kind of positive impact that our dear wanderlusters can bring to the environment.

So, here we go!

Saving the Natural Resources

Well, let us assume you are going for a hike or visiting a waterfall or simply visiting a natural surrounding. Now, while the visits of you and your likes continually will build pressure on the said resource and start depleting it. But okay, we will not stop you from that. Good places are meant to be seen after all. However, we can act responsibly. 

For instance, when we travel, we literally do not value water and the land on which we live. We are quick to buy water bottles or cold drink cans and throw them away just like that! Parallelly, there are swimming pools to maintain, golf courses to be watered, bubble baths to be taken and a lot more!

Now, we seriously do not expect you to let go of these hard-earned pleasures but what we request is moderation! For instance, take a bubble bath but the pleasure isn’t as much if you take it daily! Maybe take it just two times and do not leave your bathtub overflowing. Also, try to reduce your shower time! If you really love those hot baths, go for a stone massage or cupping therapy, it will relax you like no other thing!

Save the Natural Resources

Planting a Sapling Maybe!

Coming next to land degradation which happens because of walks and the trampling of the surface grass. Well, there isn’t much you could do about the damage because you do not have a magic carpet to float on but you can always plant a sapling! Or, just keep spreading seeds along the wetlands. You will not be able to imagine but even plants thrive really fast and well when it comes to being alone in the mother nature. Who knows, that the next time you visit the place, you have a sapling stemming out from the seeds you threw last time!

Plant a Sapling or Spread the Seeds

Going on Long Walking Trips

We all know about pollution and we will not talk about it any further. But, we can talk about something which will improve your experience while helping the environment too! Simple thing- go for a walk on foot and explore the local places! You have the word of a “decent enough travelled person”, there is no travel better than the travel on foot.

Plus, unless you are on a luxury vacation mode, you should take the local transport! You will be surprised at how closely you will be able to explore the true rawness of the culture!


Walk and Explore

Probably handing Out Compost Kits and Using Dustbins

Well, we know this is sort of far-fetched but handing out compost kits to the locals is a good idea! Or you can tell them how to prepare their own DIY compost kits! Anyway, skip that part- you can and you must always use dustbins. Why would you want to ruin the beauty of the place which you visited because it was beautiful?

Let us tell you one example of one such ruined place! Lachhiwala, near Dehradun, Uttarakhand was a really pristine natural waterfall and pond! However, commercialisation happened and soon the water was full of wrappers and other food items! The place was in a really bad situation until the government decided to ban any human activity in the area for a while!

Do you really want this thing to happen to every place you want to visit?

Use the Dustbin

No Food Hogging, No Sewage Blocking

A very few basics which are written in almost every toilet! Do not throw leftovers in the toilet! Do not throw your sanitary waste in there! Toilets are meant for just one thing and let us please stick to that!

Any random waste in the toilets results in sewage blockage which creates huge concerns for the residents. Why would you want them to start a motion asking for a ban on tourism or leave them with a place which is full of filthy water and stinking waste?

Well, that was all from our end for now! See, we do not expect you to go all monk-y about things and not enjoy the pleasures of life! Please do but make sure that your enjoyment doesn’t become a cause for concern for others!

You see, your freedom is freedom only till it does not mess with another person’s freedom! If it does, well then it is crime and you certainly do not look like a Criminal!