There is a reason why we kept the topic the way it is. There is also a strong reason why we did not want to press the usual discussion about making the earth your valentine. At Buzz on Earth, having been the voice of so many people who want to have sustainable development in place, we understand that how just the knowledge part of it isn’t enough. Sustainability stands for the benefits of both the parties involved and hence keeping up with the spirit, this Valentine’s Day special blog is how you can make this day special for you and your loved ones while simultaneously benefitting the earth too.

So, here we go, listing out 5 lovey-dovey things which will not just mesmerize your loved ones but make the earth feel loved too!

Get the Beans with the Cards

Even the mainstream brands such as Archies and Hallmark have now started selling out personalized cards that contain beans and can hence be planted. Imagine gifting a card speaking about all your love for them, only to be planted later and growing into an air-purifying indoor plant which rests on their desk.

Wouldn’t it be great to have something which would last long and showcase the kind of thought and effort that you put in!

And just in case you have any questions, the cards come in all variety of handmade papers which are formed by recycling waste. A lot of times these cards also help the local arts and artisans to sustain. With so much positivity in just one card, your love will be up for innumerable blessings and immense happiness in the days to come for sure!

Go for a lovely game of Chausar

Better India has come up with this innovative concept where they sell old games or sell our love cards all packed in a recyclable box. Even the cloth used for chausar or the likes is made from recycled pieces and the dices made from chipped woods finished to perfection. Plus, there are several intimate games to be chosen from as well (only the vendor is Happy Box) which you could put to good use on a day like this.

Treat them with Artisanal Chocolates

The classiest, age-old approach which never really gets old so to speak.  Made of fine Belgian chocolates you can purchase them from Fabelle or Smoor. The reason why we are specifically mentioning these two is first, of course, the heavenly taste and plethora of flavors at the offer and that the packaging that these brands use is completely eco-friendly.

Oh, and yes, both offer the option for customized chocolate boxes with your photos or names on them too.

Give them luxury bath accessories

And we are not talking about the high-end bath and body works accessories. You can promote local artisans here who make beautiful soaps which look too good to be true. The prices are reasonable but the look and feel, that is where the luxury shows!

Make it personal just for the two of you!

There are multiple options such as hiring a personal guitar player, decorating your room for the special occasion using clothes and lights and all of these are done on a zero-waste model because everything is used and reused again. Plus, since it will be at your own home or in an already there set-up with just the two of you there, indeed it would be a super romantic setting!

The point we want to make is, sustainability or caring for the earth does not always entail on doing something. Sometimes, it is also about making a few lifestyle changes which go a long way in helping the earth grow healthy and happy!

With that thought, here is a very Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your loved ones from the Buzz On Earth Family!