Imagine that you are a student who is planning to go abroad for higher studies and that the university you’ve chosen to study at is a very prestigious institution. You graduate with your degree and find a great job. When you’re well on the path of your well-established career, you realise that the university you attended has been tagged green and has contributed to society in ways other than churning out talented individuals. Wouldn’t it be an amazing feeling? This article throws light on some the most sustainable universities in the world. Hopefully, it will help you make better choices.

1.University of Greenwich, UK


The institution is famous for having one of the most ambitious environmental policies in the world. Rigorous implementation of this policy has reduced carbon emissions on campus by 40%, since 2005. Students and teachers are also educated on sustainability practices. Courses such as Agriculture for Sustainable Development and Environmental Conservation are a huge step in this direction.

2.University of Sussex, UK


Quickly on its way to becoming the greenest university in the United Kingdom, the University’s efforts towards building a balanced ecosystem have been exceptional. Investments have been made in the largest solar project in the higher education sector in the nation. In 2017, 3000 photovoltaics were installed and 2018 will see almost 27000 LEDs replacing the existing light bulbs across campus. Efficient heating and cooling systems and smart metering systems have been in use for a long time, making the University of Sussex popular as the heralder of greener times.

3.University of Connecticut, USA


Their environmental policy was drafted in 2002. The university aims to heighten green purchasing standards, enhance local ecosystems and boost food production. There are various events for recycling and water conservation that are frequently organised. The goal is to achieve carbon neutrality and reduce energy consumption by 2050.

4. University of Oxford, UK


Oxford University does not fall behind in any sector, it would seem. Their comprehensive environment policy is dedicated to achieving sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of its various departments. There is an Environmental Sustainability team which conducts energy audits, focuses on improving facilities for cyclists and running engagement programmes. There is also an Environmental Change institute under the aegis of the University of Oxford, which was established in 1991 to organize and promote interdisciplinary research on the nature, causes and impact of environmental change.

5.Wageningen University, Netherlands


There is a reason why the Wageningen University of Research has consistently been outperforming its competitors in terms of sustainability. The institution’s good work has been egged on by its guiding principle of improving the quality of life of the people and getting the best out of mother nature. What is truly unique, though, is that there is a man who walks around campus in a green morph suit, called the ‘green man’ and raises awareness among students about sustainable development.

There are many other esteemed institutions working tirelessly towards the same cause. No doubt, living in such a stimulating and enriching environment will do more than embed the need to work towards sustainability in the mind, it would embed such a feeling in the blood.




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