What if you have the opportunity to conserve your natural resources and at the same time utilize them to fulfill your necessities and cravings as well? What if you are told you can enjoy a relaxing shower without wasting excess water? Or a friend who monitors the amount of water you consume at once?
           Well, that is precisely what the story is about. An eco-gadget which indicates the standard quantity of water one has to utilize for a shower, “Waterpebble”. Waterpebble is a harmless and modish eco-friendly device designed with a ‘shower timer’ technology that regulates the time one has spent in the shower and reduce the same. This device helps in reducing the amount of water used during a shower by its stylishly designed three light indications similar to the patent traffic lighting system we see at traffic signals everywhere. The three colors of red, orange and green respectively indicate ‘too much’, ‘just enough’ and ‘Well done- you are saving the planet’.
            The device is so especially simple in its working that all one has to do is place the instrument by the drain through where the water flows. The device then senses the amount of water flowing around it and the appropriate light blinks based on the level of water used. In addition to this, the device does not require any human intervention to switch on/off to begin the working of the instrument. The device runs on a replaceable battery that needs to be changed once in a year. This makes the user much less worry-free regarding the instrument.
            It is estimated that one can save up to 90,000 gallons of water in a lifetime by using waterpebble. In addition to this, the device also makes the shower time much more fun with a series of soft flashing lights throughout the course of your shower. It almost takes the user through a ride in a ‘rain disco’.
           Paul Priestman, a famous industrial designer in London is the unique mastermind behind this handy device. He is well known for building inspiring platforms in transport, environmental and product designs.
           Gadgets like Waterpebble surely make the rough process of water conservation a rather smooth stage to work on and thereby build a sustainable environment.  

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